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Welcome to The Easy Place

The Easy Place was originally  intended as a book – a series of small essays about what I’d learned in my life thus far. I was told that the best way to promote a new book was to write a blog as I wrote so The Easy Place blog was created.

However, somewhere along the way the blog took over.  I found that I could write a piece, publish it and hear back from readers in a matter of hours – how cool is that?  So for the last year and a half I’ve sent my words and wisdom (what I consider wisdom, anyway) out to the universe in weekly bursts.  I’ve enjoyed it all – the writing, the process of creating and nurturing my blog, and especially the conversations with all you wise, witty and thoughtful people out there who took the time to comment.

The Easy Place has been a labor of love, so, even though there won’t be any new posts, it will remain here for you to visit if you ever need to.  Consider it a kind of reference book in your virtual bookshelf, to refer to if you ever find yourself trying to remember what “the junk of life” means, or what the magic question is.

And to new visitors, welcome!  I’ve spit my posts into categories to make it easier for you to explore:

Love, Love, Love: You and Others

Finding Your Coolness: The Art of Being You

Adversity: It Only Sucks When You Don’t Learn Anything

Who Are You in the World? Find Your Power

A New Perspective: Clean & Simple Reality

Imperfection: Embrace It Cause It’s Here to Stay

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