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The Drama of Wet Food

A couple of months ago I started feeding wet food to my cat, Said.  Her favorite is “Savory Chicken Entrée” and it could not be more unappealing. It has the texture of mushy meat oatmeal, and the fragrance reminds me of body odor.  It’s a good day when I’m able to spoon some into her bowl without getting any on my fingers.

Since I started giving her wet food, Said’s become obsessed – there is absolutely nothing she likes more.  Even her heated bed, her location of choice on any day cooler than 90°, doesn’t even start to compare to wet food.  Each and every time I walk into my kitchen she appears, hoping for just a morsel, just a taste, just a teeny helping of wet food.  

Said gets her wet food in the early evening, and, as the hour approaches, she becomes frantic with anticipation.  Any time I’m near the kitchen she’s at my feet looking up at me hopefully, and I often find her sitting by her empty bowl staring at it intently as if waiting for the wet food to appear.  When the moment comes, when I remove the can from the refrigerator and peel off the top, Said begins to circle my ankles, her tail puffing up to twice its normal size and she starts meowing a yappy little meow that communicates “faster, faster, FASTER!”  

Unfortunately Said’s satisfaction is short lived.  After gobbling down her meal, she’s ready for more and the waiting begins again. 

What’s my lesson in all of this?  I realize that I’m a more like Said than I’d like to admit.  My reaction to the rustle of a bag of cookies is embarrassingly similar to Said’s reaction to the sound of her Savory Chicken Entrée being prepared.  No, my tail doesn’t puff up and I don’t start running around meowing, but I can get pretty single minded about getting my hands on some of those cookies.  Watching Said’s insatiable desire for wet food serves as a powerful reminder that while she can’t control her appetites, I (the lucky human that I am) can. 


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One response to “The Drama of Wet Food

  1. Marcia April 28, 2010 at 4:57 am

    LOVED it!!

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