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What’s Your Intention?

It all comes from intention.  This blog, my life, your life, the world.  Our intentions are what design the beginning, middle and end of everything we do. 

There are endless possibilities for what can drive our intentions, but whatever drives us also drives the quality of our lives.  We choose our intentions, we choose what we focus on, what our actions support.  And when we don’t choose, we are, in reality, choosing to let inertia drive our lives.  When we don’t choose we’re electing to stay the same person today as we were yesterday, which doesn’t sound bad until we realize that that means tomorrow will be more of the same. 

Sometimes fear drives our intentions.  We want to hide, stay small. We let go of the reins of our lives and let others dictate who and what we are.  While we do still learn, we end up learning what others select for us, which is often stuff we don’t really like or need.

Sometimes ego drives our intentions. We scrabble for status, money, things.  When this is our focus the other parts of our lives suffer, the people around us become less important than the status, money and things.  Our achievements can become an end in themselves rather than elements of our growth. 

Sometimes love drives our intentions.  I know a father who is absolutely focused on the wellbeing of his children.  His intention is clear, that his children will grow into healthy adults.  He’s not the father you see struggling uncomfortably in public with children who are obviously near strangers, he’s the father that knows and loves his children well.  And I have no doubt that his children will not only flourish, but they’ll also love their Dad forever.

For much of my life my intention was to survive, but I’ve come to a place where that’s not enough for me.  Now my intention is to grow and learn and find out who I can be at my best.  My intention is to share what I learn with you, so that you might be inspired to focus your intentions on finding out who you can be.  My intention is to be better today than I was yesterday and to make tomorrow even better. 

And not just better for me but also better for you and, if I can, better for the world. 


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7 responses to “What’s Your Intention?

  1. Debbie June 22, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Thought-provoking post, M.

    Right now my intention is to be the best granddaughter I can be, given that my grandma lives two and half hours away. It is heartbreaking to hear her say to herself quietly, as I pack to return home, “I’m gonna miss you.”

    How can you possibly repay the person that has done the most for you in your life, as she is in the sunset of hers?

  2. Dawnika June 22, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Beautiful blog Melinda! I love your message and your goals!

    Debbie, your post is beautiful too. Your grandmother saying “I’m gonna miss you.” Says to me that you make her feel loved and wonderful which is very good repayment indeed!

  3. De June 24, 2010 at 5:56 am

    “My intention is to become the person my dogs think I am.” Good blog.

  4. Anuj July 5, 2010 at 2:06 am

    Great Post! I am struggling with the same question – my intention is to grow and learn and find out who I can be at my best. and my serach is taking me nowhere… The latter half is something I believe many people spend their whole life finding the answer…

    • Melinda July 5, 2010 at 12:17 pm

      Hi Anuj,

      Thanks for your comments :) From your comments on my blog and The Change Blog, your intention to grow and learn is clear, and that’s a great start.

      What is most important in your life is that you are moving toward something good, something bigger and better than where you are now.

      Rather than focusing on getting somewhere, realize that what’s most meaningful is the search itself. Looking for and valuing the good in your life and youself, making your strengths stronger and your weaknesses weaker – that’s what growth is about.

      I wish the best for you,


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