The Easy Place

The Quest for Self Awareness One Moment at a Time

Who Are We, Really?

I am not my failures, accomplishments, errors, family, or fears.

You are not your opinions, religion, history, political party, appearance, or job title.

We are not our health problems, possessions, friends, or income levels.

We are not our pasts.

Yes, we’re connected to everything on these lists.  Some contribute to our comfort, to our sense of well-being.  And some drain our energy, make us feel powerless or disconnected. 

But at our core we are none of these things. 

Change my appearance, my political party, even my opinions or beliefs and I’m still me.  We can reinvent ourselves every decade like Madonna, but deep down inside we remain essentially the same person, with the same spirit, essence or soul we started with. 

Take a moment now to stop, relax and shift your focus from the external world to your internal world.  Let your surroundings fade into the background.  Focus on your inner self, on the awareness of the unique being that is you at your core. 

From this place notice what’s going on around you.  You might find that the “stuff” of the external world now feels a step away – what might have annoyed you before is now “out there”, separate from your inner self.  From this perspective other people tend to lose their power over us, we become aware that we are all the same under our skin, from the homeless guy on the street to the CEO of Microsoft.   

Living from our inner self is tremendously liberating, it’s where the Easy Place comes from.  When we operate from this perspective we can relinquish external attachments – we’re no longer trapped by the need to be right, to be perfect, to look good. We have the freedom to change as we grow and learn.  We become open to an existence that’s uniquely and distinctly ours to enjoy.

So if I’m not all those things on the lists, what am I?

I am simply me, which feels just right. 


For a more in depth exercise to connect with your inner self check out Exercise to Identify the Observer Self at


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