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Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking I’m in the Easy Place

Last week I wrote about lashing out after misinterpreting a communication in an online forum I belong to.   While my reaction was inappropriate, it didn’t negate the fact that the guy I was upset with clearly missed the point of what I write in my blog. 

His message asserted that while I said I don’t want to seek the approval of others I was clearly seeking his when I suggested he read my blog and let me know what he thinks.  I really wasn’t asking that he “rate my writing” as he put it, but maybe I was looking for his approval – he’s a terrific writer and I admire what he can do with words. 

But that’s really beside the point.  This blog is about the very imperfect person that I am today, not who I was before I got perfect.   It’s about what I learn as I struggle with my shortcomings. 

There’s not one lesson that I don’t forget from time to time.  I still make the same mistakes I always did, hopefully not as often, but all those Achilles heels are still there.  I still look for approval and worry about hurting other’s feelings.  I still overreact and act without thinking.  However I’m learning to become better at catching myself when I do slip into my old habits and, more importantly, I’m learning that it’s not the end of the world when I do. 

So if even if I was doing all those “terrible” things the guy accused me of – seeking his approval, playing helpless, making him “better than me”,  so what?  I’m human.   And I recognize that I still have a lot left to learn. 


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3 responses to “Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking I’m in the Easy Place

  1. Beth October 26, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    So What! I love those words. They are music to my ears. I love how you use them to bring yourself back into balance and to The Easy Place. So what is not the same as Who Cares or I don’t care. I think it is important we make that distinction.

    When I read post today I thought — What if being human is really being a player in the game of life and when we “make mistakes” we are just learning how to play and what works and what doesn’t. There is no competion in this game just the fun of testing our many skills and gifts and using them to enhance the game for ourselves and the other players. That seems much more fun to me! How about you?

    Melinda – Your blog is such a breath of fresh air for me! I am always excited when I see The Easy Place in my inbox:) Thank you for being you and putting yourself out there just as you are. It is all perfect! :)

    • Melinda October 28, 2010 at 1:25 pm

      As always, thanks for your comments, Beth! I do believe that mistakes are just learning, regardless of the fact that from the time we were children we were taught that mistakes equaled disaster. I wish I’d learned the lesson long ago.


  2. Raj ma Taj October 27, 2010 at 9:33 am

    There was a time in my life that I realized that my motivation was to please others. At first I thought less of myself for having that motivation because I realized I did it because I wanted other people to like me. But, as I lived it out in awareness, I came to the conclusion that having other people like me wasn’t all bad! I do not compromise principals, but going an extra mile, sharing thoughts or hearts with another, speaking kindly in every situation, and believing the good in others just makes the world a more wonder full place.
    And, Mindy, I am glad you are now in it, in this easy place we know as life.

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