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Ok.  We didn’t ask to be put on this earth.  So it seems like whomever or whatever landed us here owes us something.  At the very least they owe us the basics, right?  Food, clothing and shelter?  And we were given a taste for the good stuff, so I guess they actually owe us gourmet food, a nice house and designer clothes. 

Perfect symmetry

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Along with our need for food, clothing and shelter, we were also given a drive to procreate.  So where are our symmetrical partners?  

And of course our ego was generously thrown in so don’t forget the respect and attention to our needs that we deserve. 

Entitlement.  The philosophy that I’m here so things should be as I expect them to be.

Sadly, we really didn’t receive an assurance of happy times and good service as we emerged from the womb.  And when we rage against the unfairness of life, we’re really just raging against life itself with all its ups and downs, good stuff and bad.  We have no reason to expect that our bosses will always be fair, that our families will understand us, or that we’ll get what we want.  Or that the world will treat us as we want to be treated.

Sure it would be nice to have things work out as we want them, and sometimes they do.  But when they don’t , when life is unfair, when we don’t get what we want, well…that’s life. 


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2 responses to “Entitlement

  1. GAC November 30, 2010 at 10:56 am

    So when life does work out for us we should be grateful and enjoy it. And when life throws us a curve we should learn from the experience and still be grateful because things always could be worse. A sense of humor is also helpful :)

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